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London, Royaume-Uni

Acteur, Mannequin, Musicien

Hello! I have been a professional actor since studying at Drama Centre London where I finished in 2009. My primary interest lies in film and tv-acting. This passion has also lead me to write and produce a number of short film projects as well as working for the Academy Awards-nominated producer Meta Foldager (Melancholia, A Royal Affair, Anti-Christ). I was recently hailed as "Best Actor" at a short film festival in Paris for my role in "Brother". Alongside my acting career I am also a solo artist and composer. I have released three singles available in all major online retailers and streaming services. The music video to my debut single "The Way We Used to Be" was selected for the 360Focus music and short film festival in L.A. Sept. 2013. I have worked as a professional model and shot in locations from Australia to France and New York. So wherever you are, if you are interested in working with me feel free to give me a shout!

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Karim Theilgaard Reel 2013

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The Way We Used To Be - music video

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Karim Theilgaard Presenting FBtv

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Brother - Fantasy Drama Short Film

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In The Studio With Karim Theilgaard

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You And Us

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Copha Watches Advert

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Karim Theilgaard in Cat Stevens/Yusuf's

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Sci-Fi Film "Perspective" - teaser

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Making of a Music Video With Karim

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Samsung Smart TV "Join In" Advert 2011

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Karim Theilgaard - "Roll With Me" (demo)

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Caractéristiques physiques

1,77 m
Tour de taille:
73 cm
61 kg
Couleur de cheveux:
Couleur de peau:
Peau mate
Longueur de cheveux:
Couleur d'yeux:
Type de cheveux:
Tour de poitrine:
93 cm


  • Cutting Edge : hand-and-a-half broadsword, London, R.-U.
  • Fighting Fit Fencing : Trained in using the Foil, London, R.-U.
  • Giles Foreman Acting Studio : Private Coaching, London, R.-U.
  • Tom Todoroff Acting Studio : Scene Study, New York, É.-U.
  • Accent Coaching : Anne Walsh, London, R.-U.
  • Caravanserai : Private Coaching (Giles Foreman), London, R.-U.
  • Drama Centre : Foundation, London, R.-U.
  • Method Acting : Scene Study/Relaxation Technique (Sam Rumbelow), London, R.-U.
  • Private Coaching : Script/Character Analysis (Evan Locke), London, R.-U.
  • Caravanserai : Acting (Giles Foreman), London, R.-U.
  • Drama Centre : Screen Acting (Ronnie McCann), London, R.-U.
  • Caravanserai : Meisner/Screen Acting/Scene Study/Audition Technique (Bob McAndrew), London, R.-U.
  • Caravanserai : Acting, Movement, Voice (Giles Foreman, Liana Nyquist, Leslie Tuckey), London, R.-U.
  • Drama Centre : Method Acting, Improvisation, Clowning (Oleg Mirochnikov, Giles Foreman), London, R.-U.
  • British Martial Arts Institute : Martial Arts & Firearms For Film and Stage, London, R.-U.

Cinéma, télévision et théâtre

XBOX - American

Voice over for Grand Theft Auto commercial
Expérience d'acteur:
  Précédents rôles parlants rémunérés
Langues maîtrisées
  • Anglais
  • Français
  • Danois
Accents imités
  • Anglais britannique
  • Anglais aristocratique
  • Écossais
  • Nouvelle-Angleterre
  • Californie
  • New York
  • Sud des États-Unis
  • Français
  • Allemand
  • Indien
  • Russe
2014: Music Video, Myself, "Love Stains", Dir. Michael Beddoes
2014: Film, Gas Station Attendant, "Ækte vare". Dir. Fenar Ahmad
2013: Documentary, Myself, "Behind-The-Scenes of The Way We Used to Be". Dir. Simona Zineviciute
2013: Film: Quentin, "Merci d'être venus". Dir. Nicolas Dénis
2012: Documentary, Myself, "Karim Theilgaard: Strangers On The Floor". Dir. Simona Zineviciute
2012: Music Video, Myself, "The Way We Used To Be". Dir. Joao Retorta
2012: Film, Fendrik, "Brother". Dir. Scott Jaeger
2012: Film, Mark, "Breaking". Dir. Michael Beddoes
2012: Stage, Robert The Ravern, "Hold-Up Heroines And The Court of Seduction". Dir. Chris Birch
2012: Film, Brad, "Scar Tissue". Dir. Scott Mitchell
2011: Film, Chet Baker, "Chet". Dir. Joe Gilbert
2011: Film, Scott, "A Penny For Your Thoughts". Dir. Andres Villasenor
2011: Film, Ray Bannister, "Perspective", Dir. George Hulley
2011: Film, Dear, "Pop-Corn". Dir: Raj Rajilal
2011: Commercial, "Samsung Flat Screen TV". UK
2010: Film, The Foreigner, "BEN", Kingston University, Dir: Ali Hassan
2010: Film, Angry Producer, "Gina", 16th September Productions, Dir: Julio Pereira
2010: Commercial, Young Gamer, "Yoostar 2", Blitz Games Studios, Dir: Alex Bowden
2010: Panu, "The Fixers", Fullhouse Productions, Dir: Terry Stevens
2010: Commercial, Musician, "Fiat Evo Music Rooms", Rattling Stick, Dir: Ivan Bird
2010: Ezra , "Hitmen", Awesometrain, Dir: Miguel Rey Garcia
2010: Mathew Woodman, "Schreiber", Keatman Films, Dir: Matt Keatman
2010: Television, Presenter, "London Fashion Week A/W 2010", FTV, Daljeet Panesar
2009: Film, Roberto Santos, "Mudbirds", Rokk iT! Media / Entitled Productions, Dir: Andrew Martin
2009: Short Film, Model, "The Fashion Shoot", Independent, Dir: Matthew Noel-Tod
2009: Television, Presenter, "London Fashion Week S/S 2009, TFM / FTV", Thomas
2009: Documentary, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, "Oxasians", Talking Pictures Ltd, Dir: Sati Sohal
2009: Educational, Charlie, "E-Learning", Shoot!, David Bridle
2009: Commercial, Young Man, "Cadbury Clusters", Glass And A Half Productions, N/A
2009: Commercial, Male Lead, "Copha Watches", Rokk iT! Media, Ben Kent
2009: Music Video, Beat Poet, Cat Steven's: "Thinking 'Bout You", Propeller Media
2009: Event, Main Presenter, "ABC Trust Fashion Show", KPK Productions, Katerina Gavrielidou
2008: Film, Sgt. Jack, "Vanya The Terrible", VTT Ltd., Dir: Alexei Akinfiev
2007: Commercial, Male Lead, "Monné Self Tan" , Dreamytimefc, Dir: Carlton Walls


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Expérience de mannequin:
  Mannequin à temps complet (contre rémunération)
I have worked as a professional model and shot in locations from Australia to France and New York. primarily doing fashion editorial work. I love creativity in all forms and jump at the opportunity to help realize great projects. I also have experience in Art Direction and styling.

I travel a lot and am always up for exploring new international, artistic relationships. So wherever you are, if you are interested in working with me feel free to give me a shout!


Roll With Me

A song I wrote, recorded and produced in 2010.

Niveau de guitare:
Niveau de compositeur:
Niveau de chant:
  Chanteur principal
Niveau de producteur:
Étendue vocale:
Styles de chant
  • Rock
Genres préférés
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Électro
Influences : The KillersMuseRadioheadNirvanaPlaceboArcade FireInterpol

Check out the music video for my debut single, "The Way We Used To Be" in the video section. Find me on iTunes here:

I am a solo artist in the final stages of releasing my first single and recently signed to Rokk iT! Management. Contact:
I have been involved with the professional music industry for several years now, gaining airplay in the US, UK, Germany, Denmark and Canada.

I also write and produce songs for other artists. I have also worked in A&R for EMI and as well as managing Libertine Records and working at Stephen Budd Management. Asides from guitar I can also play drums and bass, and a little bit of keyboard/ lead synth.

I have a degree in Audio Engineering and Music Business from Middlesex University and attended a Masters Degree in Audio Production at Westminster University.

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